Is reiki for you?  Are you:

  • suffering from a chronic health condition?
  • feeling drained and tired all the time?
  • looking for more relaxation and ease in your life?
  • struggling with an emotional issue?
  • feeling off, like something is just not right?
  • catching every cold and virus that is going around?
  • experiencing migraines, digestive difficulties, sinus trouble?
  • stressed out and anxious?
  • preparing for or recovering from surgery?
  • having trouble sleeping?
  • wanting to pro-actively take care of yourself?
  • holding anger or having trouble forgiving others?
  • interested in learning about your own energy system?
  • suffering from panic attacks or high blood pressure?
  • holding tightness and tension in your upper back?
  • wanting to live a more vibrant, joyful life?

What happens in a reiki session?

  1. You will complete an intake form and we will discuss your reason for receiving reiki.  I will ask about particular physical areas or conditions that may need to be focused on during the session.
  2. You will lay fully clothed on a massage table while I gently rest my hands on your body, starting at your head and moving towards your feet.  Usually, you will be on your back and your stomach during the session.
  3. When your session is complete, we will discuss the session and how it felt for you and what my reading of your energy system is.  You are welcome to ask questions about your experience.

What does reiki feel like?

It varies for each person, but in general, you will leave feeling very relaxed yet full of energy.  People have said that they feel “light” and that the tension or pain they had been experiencing was greatly diminished or gone.  During the session, you likely will feel heat and tingling in the area that the energy is going to.  Some people feel “wooshes” of energy when energetic blocks are opened up.  Some people get a “twitch” or two, like what happens when you are falling asleep.  And some people lay there, relaxed and blissed out for the full session.

What is happening when I receive reiki?

As a reiki practitioner, I have been attuned to reiki energy.  In regular people’s language, that means that my energy channel has been opened up so that I can channel the Universal energy to you, to animals, to plants, to food, and to anything else that responds to energy (which is everything!).  As I put my hands on your body, your body is drawing energy to where it needs it.  Sometimes it needs more energy in a certain area, sometimes an area is already energetically balanced.  Your energetic system will draw the energy that it needs and I act as the channel to deliver that energy to you.

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