Aromatherapy and the Chakras: An Interview with Lisa Hecke

Lisa Hecke

Today I have a special treat for you- an interview with aromatherapy expert, Lisa Hecke.  Lisa is going to share with us the connection between aromatherapy and the chakras. In addition to being an amazing yoga teacher, powerful hypnotherapist and … Continue reading

What are chakras?

I talk so much about the chakras and they are second nature to me, but it occurred to me that some people may have NO IDEA what I am talking about when I mention the chakras.  So here is a very basic beginning description of what the chakras are and how they affect you.

They are 7 energy centers in the body that are represented by a spinning wheel. The energy can either be balanced or imbalanced/blocked. When the chakras are in balance, you experience radiant health, emotional balance, strong self-esteem, fulfilling relationships, effective communication, abundant creativity and connection to spirit.

When the chakras are out of balance, they can affect every area of your life.

Chakra 1: overall health, survival needs of financial security and shelter, injuries of the legs and feet, your tribe/family, bone and teeth conditions

Chakra 2: emotions, sexuality, fluidity, resistance, reproductive issues, passion and desire, hip disorders

Chakra 3: power, self-esteem, inner strength, energy, digestive issues, control, aggression

Chakra 4: acceptance, love of self and others, unconditional love, relationships and connection, breathing issues/asthma, heart conditions, injuries of upper back, shoulders and arms/hands

Chakra 5: communication, self expression, truth, forgiveness, teeth grinding, sore/strep throat, stuttering, gossiping and lying

Chakra 6: intuition, vision for your life, difficulty with vision, nightmares

Chakra 7: open to guidance and teachers, connection to Spirit or God, closed mindedness, delusions, migraines, brain tumors

If in looking at the above list, you notice an area that you struggle with, it probably means that chakra is out of balance.

So how did the chakra get out of balance?
Chakras can get out of balance many different ways: inherited energy from parents or ancestors, conditioning or situations from childhood, unresolved issues that parents passed on, your reaction to a certain situation in life.

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If you are a parent and would like to learn how the chakras affect your child, I offer a guide and workbook called “Chakra Balancing for Modern Kids and Families“.

Chakra Balancing for Modern Kids and Families

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