Sharing Beyond the Studio: Free Marketing Tools for Yoga Teachers

Joy in Warrior 3

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Aromatherapy and the Chakras: An Interview with Lisa Hecke

Lisa Hecke

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Exploring Your Chakras: A Three Part Workshop Series

the chakras
Exploring Your Chakras: An in-depth investigation of your energy body through asana, journaling, art and practical applications to your modern life
Sundays, 1:00-3:30pm
October 27, November 10 and 17

Gilbert Yoga

6 E Palo Verde St #13  Gilbert, AZ 85296
A three part workshop series that takes the participant on a thorough tour of their own energy body, recognizing chakra imbalances and empowering them to re-pattern and balance their own chakras.

October 27: Introduction and chakra overview, chakra assessment and Root/First Chakra
November 10: Sacral/Second Chakra, Solar Plexus/Third Chakra, Heart/Fourth Chakra
November 17: Throat/Fifth Chakra, Brow/Sixth Chakra, Crown/Seventh Chakra

7.5 Contact CECs for Yoga Alliance also available for RYTs

To reserve your space in this workshop, please click below:

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Sacral Chakra Class Themes

This is a guide for yoga teachers that are searching for sacral chakra class themes to use in their yoga classes.  I have included both physical themes as well as energetic or psychological themes. Both could be combined, however, it is important to not overwhelm the student with too much theming or talking.  Make sure there is plenty of silence included in the class.

Physical themes:


Pigeon pose variation

Hip openers: Warrior 2, side angle stretch, humble warrior, triangle, pigeon, firelog pose, cow face pose, cobbler, squats, lotus

Peak poses- king pigeon, bird of paradise, lotus

Vinyasa flow style, less static and more dynamic movement

Sun Salutation variations

Moon salutation

Energetic themes:

Going with the flow vs rigidity

Change (teach a class with unusual variations)

Emotions- what are your patterns- over-expressive, not safe to express feelings

squat pose- twisting

Squat with a twist

Water- what is your water like? sweet, salty, warm, cold?

Your hips are the junk drawer of your body, what are you stuffing in them?

Sexuality- are you able to connect with the sacred in another?

What is waiting to be born from you?

Passion and desire: where and when do you feel it? How can you cultivate more? What saps your passion?

Sensuality: exploring the senses in each pose, listening, smelling, touching

Directing the breath and awareness into the pelvic bowl, “behind the pubic bone and in front of the sacrum”, visualizing glowing orange in that area


What other sacral chakra class themes have you used?  I would love to hear from you, so please share in the Comments secton below!

Asanas For The Chakras

A few questions came up after a recent workshop about how to maintain a chakra-based asana practice at home. Here are some basic guidelines as well as specific list of asanas for the chakras. Enjoy your chakra practice at home!

Triangle PoseChakra 1- Root Chakra (Base of the spine, legs, feet)

-Roll your feet on a golf ball or tennis ball to wake them up
-Put your fingers between your toes to stretch them
-Sit on your heels with your toes tucked under
-Standing poses: Mountain, Chair, forward fold, Warrior 1, Pyramid Pose



Half Moon PoseChakra 2- Sacral Chakra (Pelvis and hips)
Sun Salutations and other flowing series
Standing Hip Openers: Warrior 2, Side Angle Stretch, Triangle, Half Moon Balance, Lizard, Squat
-Seated Hip Openers: Pigeon, Fire Log, Cow Face Pose



Chakra 3- Solar Plexus (Bulls eye around the navel)
-Core work: Crunches, plank, leg lifts, bicycling the legs
-Twists: Seated spinal twist, supine spinal twist, revolved triangle, revolved wide legged forward fold


Wheel Pose

Chakra 4- Heart Chakra (Heart center, upper back, shoulders, arms, hands)
-Back bends: passive or active, camel, bow, wheel, cobra, upward facing dog
-Shoulder openers: mudra pose, cow face arms, eagle arms
-Pranayama: ujayyi, sama vritti, alternate nostril breath, breath of joy



Chakra 5- Throat Chakra (Throat, neck, jaw)
-Neck stretches
-Chanting, humming, singing
-Bridge, shoulderstand, plow, fish

Dancer Pose

Chakra 6- Brow Chakra (Eyes, third eye)
-Eye exercises
-Seated forward folds with forehead resting on block, blanket or something else
-Standing Balancing poses: tree, dancer, eagle, standing big toe pose, warrior 3
-Arm balances: crow, side plank, handstand


Headstand in river

Chakra 7- Crown Chakra (Top of head)



Creating A Home Practice To create a home practice based on the upward movement through the chakras, pick a few practices from each chakra, beginning at the root chakra and making your way up to the crown chakra. Always end with at least five minutes of savasana.


Special thank you to my sister, Jesse Whalen Tyler, who is a yoga teacher in Littleton, NH, for the beautiful pictures of her in Dancer, Wheel and Headstand (on a rock in the middle of a river!).