Interview with Cheyenne Rowell, Celebration Specialist


I am so excited to bring you an interview with my good friend, Cheyenne Rowell, of Simply Party Box.  I asked Cheyenne if I could interview her because ritual is a large part of feeling grounded and connected in the … Continue reading

Interview with Amanda Marmins, Professional Organizer


I am so excited to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Amanda Marmins.   Amanda is the founder and owner of Type-A Organizing, a professional organizing company in Atlanta, Georgia.  Amanda and I lived in the same neighborhood … Continue reading

Can Talking With Your Body Help It To Heal? Try these 7 steps for yourself.


artwork by  You should check her out… she’s pretty amazing! Do you have an area of your body that is bothering you right now? Maybe it is a chronically sore neck, a knee that you injured a while ago … Continue reading

20 Minute Root Chakra Asana Practice

This 20 minute asana practice focuses on the feet and legs.  We notice our own stability and security as we reach into the energy of the Earth.  It is a great practice to ground you and bring you into your body when you may be up in your head with thoughts, worry or fear.


For more asana videos, please see the library.

9 Ways to Unblock Your First Chakra

1- Roll a golf ball under your feet to awaken them and really begin to feel the earth under you and supporting you

2- Do a forward fold and stretch your hamstrings.  When they are tight, they are signaling energetically that you are always ready to fight or run away, that you are not ever really safe

3- Eat protein: meat, beans, nuts, eggs- protein takes longer to digest thus keeping energy in the lower chakras

4- Walk barefoot:  our feet have 4 layers of muscles and are overly complex for what we mainly do now which is walking in soled shoes on concrete.  We are losing the ability to spread (abduct) our toes.  Try it, it is almost impossible for some people!  An added energetic bonus is that the uneven surface of the earth (rocks, lumps of grass) presses on reflexology points to help balance out your energy.  Read more here.

5- Journal time: Reflect on your childhood for issues of scarcity and fear and feelings of not being safe.  Did you move homes often?  Was life chaotic and unstable?  Journal about these ideas and situations: the more you can get them up and out and shed light on them, the less power they have over you.

6- Get outside and touch the earth- dig in the garden, stomp in the mud, hike, connect with your natural surroundings

7- Wear the earthy tones of red and brown and use those colors as you decorate your home

8- Get a massage, especially a foot massage

9- Toe play:  Stand, spread your toes apart, lift just your big toes on inhale, lower on exhale five times, Lift just your pinky toes, five times.  Lift just your middle three toes on the inhale and lower on the exhale.  Very few people can do this last one!  (Notice what your hands are doing as you attempt these exercises… it is hilariously universal!)