28 minute Root Chakra (1) Yoga Practice

Here is a video I first released as part of a Chakra Cleanse program.  It is the very first yoga video I ever made! Enjoy this short sequence of yoga poses to bring your energy into your legs and feet … Continue reading

Sacral Chakra (2) Asana Practice

This 20 minute practice focuses on hip openers and getting into the flow, the water, of your life!  You will connect with your second chakra, seat of your emotions, in this yoga practice.

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20 Minute Root Chakra Asana Practice

This 20 minute asana practice focuses on the feet and legs.  We notice our own stability and security as we reach into the energy of the Earth.  It is a great practice to ground you and bring you into your body when you may be up in your head with thoughts, worry or fear.


For more asana videos, please see the library.

Happy Hip Openers

Enjoy a 20 minute practice to open your hips and awaken to the flow of life!

Your hips are the location of your second chakra– home to your emotions, how well you flow with life, and your passion, desire and sexuality.    I have heard the hips called the “junk drawer” of the body: any emotion or thought that you aren’t sure just what to do with gets stuffed here.  And that is one reason that hip openers are such a powerful practice energetically.

Opening the hips can also help with lower back pain and reproductive issues.  As you practice, imagine or visualize a glowing orange ball of energy between your sacrum and your pubic bone and between the hip crests.  It may be a difficult area to access at first, but keep trying.  Profound shifts happen when you drop down into your womb and into the essence of your being.

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