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Chakra QuizStart here:

Complete the comprehensive chakra-by-chakra assessment checklist to identify the current state of your chakras.  Find out which of your chakras are imbalanced and how they may be affecting you every day.

Click here for your Chakra Assessment Checklist 


parenting chakra resourcesFor Parents:

If you would like to learn about your child’s chakras and which may be out of balance, complete this child specific chakra assessment checklist.  This is the first step in connecting the dots and seeing your child in a whole new light.

Click here for your Child Specific Chakra Checklist


yoga teacher resourcesFor Yoga Teachers:

Guide your students to a deeper and more transformative level of practice by incorporating chakra themes into your classes. Chakra themed classes will connect their practice on the mat to their lives off of the mat.

Click here to receive Sharing the Chakras: 70 Class Themes for Yoga Teachers


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