Private One-on-One Chakra Coaching

You have tried to shed the stories, change your habits and create healthy patterns on your own.
You have read tons of self-help books.
Maybe you have even tried drinking green juices!

But nothing brought you to a place of happiness and freedom, where you are free of the bondage of your own stories, your energetic imbalances and the wounds of your past.

That is because you have just tried to cover up the issues.  Working at the chakric level will get you to the root causes of your energetic imbalances.  From there, you will heal the wounds, shed the stories.

Everything that is happening in your life is a result of the state of your chakras.

Whether your chakras are balanced or imbalanced affects your health, your relationships, your emotions, how you stand or don’t stand in your power, how you parent, your eating habits, your fears, your finances, your weight.


If you are ready to get to the root of what is going on and you want someone to

guide you through this journey,
help you identify your energy imbalances and where they are affecting your daily life,
hold you accountable to making changes,
and teach you the healing techniques that will work specifically for you,
then you are ready for Private One-on-One Chakra Coaching.

Interested or have questions?  Contact me at for more information.




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