Sharing Beyond the Studio: Free Marketing Tools for Yoga Teachers

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This list is by no means an exhaustive list of all of the things to do to begin to build a successful online yoga presence.  I totally know it can be overwhelming to start to put yourself “out there”. You … Continue reading

Aromatherapy and the Chakras: An Interview with Lisa Hecke

Lisa Hecke

Today I have a special treat for you- an interview with aromatherapy expert, Lisa Hecke.  Lisa is going to share with us the connection between aromatherapy and the chakras. In addition to being an amazing yoga teacher, powerful hypnotherapist and … Continue reading

Exploring Your Chakras: A Three Part Workshop Series

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Exploring Your Chakras: An in-depth investigation of your energy body through asana, journaling, art and practical applications to your modern life
Sundays, 1:00-3:30pm
October 27, November 10 and 17

Gilbert Yoga

6 E Palo Verde St #13  Gilbert, AZ 85296
A three part workshop series that takes the participant on a thorough tour of their own energy body, recognizing chakra imbalances and empowering them to re-pattern and balance their own chakras.

October 27: Introduction and chakra overview, chakra assessment and Root/First Chakra
November 10: Sacral/Second Chakra, Solar Plexus/Third Chakra, Heart/Fourth Chakra
November 17: Throat/Fifth Chakra, Brow/Sixth Chakra, Crown/Seventh Chakra

7.5 Contact CECs for Yoga Alliance also available for RYTs

To reserve your space in this workshop, please click below:

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Who is ticking you off the most right now? Go and thank them.


Well, that person that is so far under your skin is your teacher.  They are exposing a truth or a lesson that you need to learn or to heal.  The crown (seventh) chakra opens us to the guidance, lessons and the teachers that are all around us.  Our job is to be open to receiving the lessons as they are presented.

Follow a few steps here to connect with that teacher:

Picture that person right now in your head.

See them doing what really sets you off…doing exactly what gets your goat.

Notice what happens in your body when you think of them.  Where do you feel it? What happens to your breath?

Here is the hard part… what are you meant to learn from them?  If you really open yourself up, get out of your ego’s way of trying to be right or better than them and out of your high seat of judgment, what is your interaction or relationship with them here to teach you?


Strength to stand up for yourself?

The ability to not take things personally?

Maybe you are lacking the very thing they are exhibiting and because subconsciously you know you want to be more like them, they really upset you.

If you take some time and are really honest with yourself, you will find the lesson that they are in your life to help you learn.

So, thank them, take the lesson and store it in your toolbox of life skills. 

And I bet they won’t be quite so annoying to you, now that you realize they are your teacher.

PS- If you’d like that same annoying thing to stop happening to you, really learn the lesson.  Because we will keep being served up the same lesson by the Universe until we learn it!

Strengthen Your Core Asana Practice

Enjoy this 15 minute yoga practice that focuses on strengthening the muscles of your core.  Aside from the obvious external physical benefits of a strong core, there are many other practical, everyday benefits too.  A strong core helps your posture, your digestion and energetically balances your third chakra.


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