What Two Fractures in Two Weeks Taught Me


The last few months have been interesting around here. My daughter broke her upper arm bone cartwheeling in her bedroom and then two weeks later, my son fractured a bone in his lower leg. The same doctor treated them both … Continue reading

Interview with Amanda Marmins, Professional Organizer


I am so excited to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Amanda Marmins.   Amanda is the founder and owner of Type-A Organizing, a professional organizing company in Atlanta, Georgia.  Amanda and I lived in the same neighborhood … Continue reading

Aromatherapy and the Chakras: An Interview with Lisa Hecke

Lisa Hecke

Today I have a special treat for you- an interview with aromatherapy expert, Lisa Hecke.  Lisa is going to share with us the connection between aromatherapy and the chakras. In addition to being an amazing yoga teacher, powerful hypnotherapist and … Continue reading

Case Study: Ending My Son’s Nightmares

end nightmares

What would a chakra imbalance look like in your child? Asthma, hunched posture, a perfectionist mentality and two broken wrists = heart chakra imbalance Near sightedness, nightmares, headaches and a love of fantasy genre = third eye chakra imbalance Chronic … Continue reading

School’s Out! Keeping Your Kids’ Energy Balanced During Summer Vacation

swimming summer vacation

Summer vacation is great, right? No schedules, no homework, no early wake ups. No structure, no routine, no order. Soon followed by chaos alternating with boredom, sibling fights, and finally, counting the days until school starts again. Or is that just in … Continue reading

“Roar” Done Best by Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth (CHaD)

Last week I wrote about the positive message coming from Katy Perry’s song, “Roar”.  Well, here is an even MORE POSITIVE version of the song, lip-synched by patients and staff at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth in New Hampshire.  Watching this video (many times!) inspired me and made me so grateful for the health of my own children.  One of the best parts is that my cousin, Meghan, is one of the stars of the video- she is the teenager in the purple tie-dye t-shirt!   You can follow Meghan on Facebook as she bravely battles Cystic Fibrosis.

6 Quick Actions You Can Do Today (and every day!) to Balance Your Child’s Chakras


1  Follow a routine in the morning. Establishing this secure foundation to start the day helps a child feel safe and secure, grounded and connected to his family. (Chakra 1) 2  Make some time for fun, particularly a dance party! Move, groove, let … Continue reading