Interview with Cheyenne Rowell, Celebration Specialist


I am so excited to bring you an interview with my good friend, Cheyenne Rowell, of Simply Party Box.  I asked Cheyenne if I could interview her because ritual is a large part of feeling grounded and connected in the … Continue reading

Interview with Amanda Marmins, Professional Organizer


I am so excited to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Amanda Marmins.   Amanda is the founder and owner of Type-A Organizing, a professional organizing company in Atlanta, Georgia.  Amanda and I lived in the same neighborhood … Continue reading

Why I Am Getting Uncomfortable and You Should, Too

why I am getting uncomfortable

I am trying to make myself as uncomfortable as possible. I am cleaning my house. I am initiating difficult conversations. I have said no to opportunities I should be thrilled with. I am cooking and eating at home. I have … Continue reading

28 minute Root Chakra (1) Yoga Practice

Here is a video I first released as part of a Chakra Cleanse program.  It is the very first yoga video I ever made! Enjoy this short sequence of yoga poses to bring your energy into your legs and feet … Continue reading

Is A Root Chakra Imbalance Affecting Your Life?


Do you often feel anxious and afraid? Are you overweight or do you have difficulty keeping weight on?  Do your knees and legs ache? Do you have digestive difficulties, either frequently constipated or with diarrhea?  Do you hoard things or … Continue reading

Can Talking With Your Body Help It To Heal? Try these 7 steps for yourself.


artwork by  You should check her out… she’s pretty amazing! Do you have an area of your body that is bothering you right now? Maybe it is a chronically sore neck, a knee that you injured a while ago … Continue reading