Back on the hand standing wagon!

Day 270 of 365 in the Windhorse 365 Handstand Challenge I started the challenge so strongly, practicing and posting every day.  Then I slowly slipped from posting the photos, then I slipped from doing the handstands.  But it was always … Continue reading

28 minute Root Chakra (1) Yoga Practice

Here is a video I first released as part of a Chakra Cleanse program.  It is the very first yoga video I ever made! Enjoy this short sequence of yoga poses to bring your energy into your legs and feet … Continue reading

Exploring Your Chakras: A Three Part Workshop Series

the chakras
Exploring Your Chakras: An in-depth investigation of your energy body through asana, journaling, art and practical applications to your modern life
Sundays, 1:00-3:30pm
October 27, November 10 and 17

Gilbert Yoga

6 E Palo Verde St #13  Gilbert, AZ 85296
A three part workshop series that takes the participant on a thorough tour of their own energy body, recognizing chakra imbalances and empowering them to re-pattern and balance their own chakras.

October 27: Introduction and chakra overview, chakra assessment and Root/First Chakra
November 10: Sacral/Second Chakra, Solar Plexus/Third Chakra, Heart/Fourth Chakra
November 17: Throat/Fifth Chakra, Brow/Sixth Chakra, Crown/Seventh Chakra

7.5 Contact CECs for Yoga Alliance also available for RYTs

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