Case Study: Ending My Son’s Nightmares

end nightmares

What would a chakra imbalance look like in your child? Asthma, hunched posture, a perfectionist mentality and two broken wrists = heart chakra imbalance Near sightedness, nightmares, headaches and a love of fantasy genre = third eye chakra imbalance Chronic … Continue reading

School’s Out! Keeping Your Kids’ Energy Balanced During Summer Vacation

swimming summer vacation

Summer vacation is great, right? No schedules, no homework, no early wake ups. No structure, no routine, no order. Soon followed by chaos alternating with boredom, sibling fights, and finally, counting the days until school starts again. Or is that just in … Continue reading

Why I Am Getting Uncomfortable and You Should, Too

why I am getting uncomfortable

I am trying to make myself as uncomfortable as possible. I am cleaning my house. I am initiating difficult conversations. I have said no to opportunities I should be thrilled with. I am cooking and eating at home. I have … Continue reading