Joy is…

Mom to Tyler, Lucas and Haley. Football, soccer, gymnastics, oh my!

Wife to Paul. College sweetheart and my greatest teacher.

Yoga instructor, flowing in and out of breath work, kundalini yoga, sun salutations, and yummy guided savasanas.

Teacher of teachers, guiding their learning from the root to crown.

Lover of the ocean, the desert, New England, the Costa Rican rain forest and all the places I can’t wait to visit.

Author of “Children and Chakras: The Parent’s Guide to Understanding and Balancing Your Child’s Energy”.

Forever learning to teach and teaching to learn.

Maker of lists and piles and charts, lemon pasta and tiny gardens.

Devourer of hot Americanos with cream and classic syrup and HGTV and the Food Network and Scandal and magazines. Not usually all at the same time, but I could if I had to.

Getting to know her Guides, amazed by Angel cards and obsessed with palo santo.

Wanting to belong to a CSA, to use her juicer more, to not despise cleaning her house.

A clear vessel to heal through reiki, continually in awe of the power of reiki.

Ready to step up, show up and shine on as I walk aligned with my Divine Purpose.




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