Connecting Your Energy and Your Health

I have a few funny questions here… Do you talk with your body? Does it answer you?

My hope is that you answer “YES!” but I have a feeling that most of us don’t talk to our bodies.  I am here to convince you that talking to your body and listening to it’s answers will guide you through any health concerns you are having now and in the future.

My viewpoint on the connection between the chakras and health conditions:

When energy imbalances are not dealt with, they eventually will manifest in your physical body. These energy imbalances can be from energetic input you personally have received in your life or from generations old ancestral energy.

Your current health condition is rooted in a specific chakra and you will be blown away at the accuracy of that imbalance.

Treating the whole being means treating the physical symptoms and manifestations in whatever manner you choose and working with your energetic body to heal the imbalances that caused the physical issues to begin with.

So, how does talking with your body help the healing process?

Firstly, your body is not YOU and YOU are not your body.  Your body is your vehicle for your soul to be here on this planet in this lifetime. Your body has wisdom of its own, it is one of your teachers. When you stop trying to control your body and instead view it as a partner in this life journey, a beautiful relationship emerges. Your body can guide you to what it needs. You may be surprised what it has to say. A sore back may tell you it needs to stretch or it may tell you it needs to carry fewer burdens.  Your digestive organs may tell you that you have an allergy or that there is something in your life you can’t stomach.

How to talk with your body:

  • Identify an area in the body that is causing difficulty for you.
  • Sit or lay down and focus on your breathing for a few minutes, allow the mind chatter to slow down.
  • Put your hands on the body part you want to talk to, rubbing, massaging, making physical contact.
  • Acknowledge what it is going through and feeling. (Example: My sweet knee, I know that you are in pain and that you hurt when I run on you. You feel a stabbing pain on the outside of you that wraps around towards your kneecap, etc.)
  • Thank it for all that it does do well for you. (Example: Even though you are in pain, I so appreciate how you help me get everywhere I need to during the day. Thank you for letting me play soccer in the park with my son.)
  • Acknowledge your willingness to be a partner in your body’s healing and ask it what it needs from you.
  • Wait and listen. Be open to whatever messages come to you. It may be a feeling or a knowing or a whisper to your intuition or a physical sensation.
  • Continue this conversation as needed and with other body parts.  You will begin to develop a relationship with your body and begin to see it as a partner to you- the soul you- on this life journey.

Connecting the dots

If you are struggling with a health condition and want to explore its deeper cause, I am offering a new service called “Connecting the Dots Between Your Energy and Your Health”. It is a 60 minute phone or Skype session in which we will identify the energetic cause of your health issue and create a mini-plan for you to re-pattern the energy that is at the root of your health condition.

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