My Word of the Year 2015

I had the best time a few weeks ago leading a group of amazing ladies in the first “Woo Circle”! (I am still trying to find a better name for it but “Woo” works for now!) We began work on discovering their Word of the Year and started to create vision boards for 2015. I feel so blessed to get to lead this type of self-discovery work for others… it fires me up and feeds my spirit and makes it hard to fall asleep after such a great evening!

visibleMy Word of the Year is VISIBLE. I want to share my gifts without fear- in the past I have been paralyzed by fear of rejection or of being a fraud or not being knowledgeable enough to teach others- and I am letting go of those ideas as I share freely and serve others. Being visible also means that I am also showing up completely in my relationships as the real me and not the Joy I think they want to see.

If you have not done any visioning for this year, I would like to point you towards a great resource in Christine Kane.  She has some free resources for discovering your Word of the Year and for creating your Vision Board.

However you decide to do it really doesn’t matter, but the main idea is to put some thought and some intention into what you want 2015 to look like for you. I used to be all “yogic” and just let it come to me, and guess what? Not much came my way.

That way of thinking is a cop out. You don’t have to think about what you want. You don’t have to put yourself on the line as wanting something and facing possible disappointment when you don’t get it. You don’t have to take ownership for your life. You are expecting others to provide for you, think for you and even feel for you. Time to step up and own your life!

The universe has no way of knowing what you want unless you tell it. The Universe loves clarity so it can make a beeline to it and deliver. Be brave and put your wants out there.

Your assignment is to make a BE-DO-HAVE list for this year. A BE-DO-HAVE list is pretty simple- make a list of qualities you want to embody, activities you want to do, and material or non-material items you want to have. Again, it creates an energetic clarity that is powerfully effective.

Here is my BE-DO-HAVE list for 2015.
Be: full of grace, brave, of service, visible, honest, present.
Do: go on a vacation with my husband, travel out of state to teach about the chakras, go on a cruise with my husband and kids, visit a food truck festival, go to the Super Bowl, run a 5K race, produce an online chakra program, start a Master’s program.
Have: a garden and fruit trees, a new griddle, Tony Robbins’ “Money” book

Go, make your list and choose your Word of the Year! Share your WOTY with us on Facebook. And watch as 2015 unfolds just as you have envisioned it!

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