Use Your Chakras to Guide You In 2015

Intentions, Words of the Year, Resolutions… they probably are on your mind today.

How will 2015 be different from 2014?
What are you ready to let go of?
What do you want more of in your life?
What does the next higher version of YOU look like?

If you are ready to allow more balance in your life and are ready to shed some old patterns and limiting beliefs, your chakra system will guide you towards the shifts that are ready to happen in the coming year.

Below is a quick but powerful list of questions to ask yourself as you look forward to 2015. Allow your reactions and responses to the questions to guide you towards areas of focus.

Step 1: Take the Chakra Assessment to identify the current state of your chakras. {You can download the Chakra Assessment Checklist here.} If you have not taken a chakra assessment in the last 6 months, I encourage you to do so again as your chakras can change, especially if you have been working on balancing your energy.

Step 2: Use the questions below to bring your attention to areas of your life that are affected by energy imbalances. By bringing awareness to these ideas and areas of your life, you will begin to balance the chakras that are out of balance or low on charge.

Root Chakra

Routine: Does your day or week have structure or do you wander from task to task at whim? Structure, schedules and organization are all balancing to the root chakra.

Ritual: Do you have certain celebrations that mark important events for yourself and your family? Do you have traditions that continue from year to year, creating a feeling of belonging and inclusion to a family, community or group of friends?

Connection: Do you feel like you belong to a group bigger than yourself? It may be your family, a team, your friends or a church group.

Self-Nurturance: Do you care for your own physical well-being? Do you move regularly and in a way that you love? Do you nourish yourself with healthy foods and drinks? Do you show your body gratitude for being the one thing that keeps you here in physical form?

Home: Does your home feel like a safe, comforting place of rest? Does your home reflect who YOU are? Do you love coming home?

Sacral Chakra

Feelings: Do you feel comfortable expressing your feelings? Are your emotions given a safe container to be expressed without over taking your life?

Flow: Can you accept change and survive transitions? What is asking to change in 2015? Is there too much flow in your life and not enough stability (root chakra energy)?

Fun: Do you have fun every day? What is fun to you? Try to make a list of 10 things you do that are fun.

Passion: Is there room for passion in your life and in your relationships?

Solar Plexus Chakra

Discipline: Do you avoid the difficult? Do you make excuses for not doing the hard stuff, the scary stuff?

Power: Do you feel like you are getting walked over? Is there a situation or person with whom you need to stand in your power? Are you ready to take steps forward in your career or relationships that have previously seemed way too scary?

Heart Chakra

Acceptance: Would you say the things to a friend that you say to yourself? You probably wouldn’t have them as a friend for long! Do you judge yourself? Can you love all of your different parts of yourself? Even those you perceive as negative or your shadow side?

Love: How are you blocking yourself from being a vessel of love? Not romantic love, but unconditional, universal love for everyone. Is it through judgment or sarcasm or being too busy or too scared to really know someone? How can you allow yourself to walk through each day as a container overflowing with love, splashing it all over everyone?

Throat Chakra

Truth: Are you living your truth? Do you even know what your truth is? What are you here on this planet in human form to do? It doesn’t have to be something huge like win the Nobel Peace Prize. It might be as humble as to bring peace to your workplace or to heal wounds that have lived for generations in your family or to lift up a stranger who is contemplating ending his life. Is how you live in alignment with who you are? Is there a disconnect between your insides and your outsides?

Voice: Where are you not being heard? Do you need to find your voice and speak your truth into a situation? Do you need to speak less, gossip less, complain less? How are you using your voice and your precious words?

Third Eye Chakra

Intuition: Do you listen for the whispers of your intuition? Are you even quiet enough, slow enough to listen? Do you look for “coincidences” and do you allow yourself to be guided?

Vision: Do you have a guiding vision or plan for 2015? For the next 5 years? For the next month? Can you picture your best day ever? Your best year? Where you want to go on vacation this year? Nothing is accomplished or manifested without a vision.

Crown Chakra

Teachers: Are you open to the idea that everyone you encounter is your teacher? They are in your life to teach you something you are meant to learn. Can you see all situations (those perceived as negative and as positive) as an opportunity to learn?

Spirit: Are you in relationship with a spirit larger than yourself? Names are irrelevant- God, Goddess, Spirit, Mother Nature- add yours here. To paraphrase Deborah Adele in “The Yamas and The Niyamas” , can you see that we are all threads being woven by an energy greater than ourselves?

Ask yourself these questions.
Journal them, ponder them.
Particularly spend time with the questions related to the chakras that showed up as the most imbalanced in your chakra assessment.
If one topic really stands out to you either with a positive feeling or a negative feeling, take special note of it.
Keep that idea with you over the next week or so or ask your guides for answers before you go to bed at night.

Your chakras are not separate from YOU. They are YOU. Paying attention to what your energy is affecting in your life is a profound journey to begin. There is no finish line, no goal date by which to have your chakras balanced.

Being aware of your own energy is a gift to yourself. Shedding old habits and patterns and limiting beliefs is a gift to yourself.

Let this next year be a beautiful, awareness-filled gift that you give yourself. You deserve it!

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