4 Books That Changed My Life in 2014


This past year was so transformational for me and I attribute a huge part of that to these four books. I was blessed to be a part of Marie Forleo’s online community and through the amazing soul-centered entrepreneurs in that group, I was introduced to these books and the concepts that they teach.  With the information and ideas in these books, I got a handle on my hormones, manifested a shark’s tooth and a perfect temporary job, and am beginning to upgrade so many small parts of my life, but especially my thinking about prosperity and abundance.  I hope that these books will inspire you as well!

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

bigleapIn The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks shares about a phenomenon he calls an “upper limit”.  An upper limit is a something that is that into us from an early age. People only have a certain capacity for happiness or health or prosperity.  When we hit that upper limit, we do things to self-sabotage so that we don’t go through that upper limit ceiling that we have subconsciously placed upon ourselves. Bumping up against my upper limits explains why, as an elementary school teacher, I would get sick over every school vacation. It explains why, when my husband I  went to the Super Bowl, I got the stomach flu.  I only had a limited capacity for joy and happiness and would get sick whenever I got close to reaching that upper limit. This also happens a lot with people and money. When you reach a new income level, you will subconsciously do something to lose that money. In relationships, just as you think, “Wow, things are going really well”, you get in a fight with your partner.

This book really changed how I looked at things that “happened” in my life this year. I saw so many past examples of upper limits in my own life that I knew I needed to apply the simple steps from this book immediately.  When I followed the steps, beautiful things began to happen and my capacity for happiness and strength and abundance has grown tremendously.  This book changed my life and I know it will change your life, too.


The Hormone Cure by Sara Gottfried

hormonecureBeing someone who has suffered from PMS, I knew I should have read this book immediately when it first came out last Spring. But I put it off until this summer.  What a mistake waiting was!  I have now experienced the arrival of my cycle without the disastrous fanfare that used to accompany it! I was actually surprised when it  came and I know that some of you get how big of a deal that is.

The book gives you a very in-depth assessment to take to find out which of your hormones are out of balance and then gives you the Gottfried Protocol (lifestyle changes and supplements) that is appropriate for your specific hormone situation.  I found that I had a few different hormones that were out of balance and began to implement the recommendations.  Dr. Sara Gottfried combines scientifically proven recommendations (there are studies quoted throughout the book) with a holistic approach (she is a yoga teacher as well as an MD).  Of course, she sells the supplements on her website, but I just got mine from Whole Foods and Sprouts.

I learned that some symptoms that I thought were just my things to work on are actually attributable to imbalanced hormones: waking in the middle of the night, being forgetful and occasionally snappy at my children, having joint pain and being sensitive to cold.  In addition to dramatically improving the quality of my life, as a woman, I learned so much about my body that I wish I had known at a much younger age.

If any of my story rings true to you, I highly encourage you to get this book.  You won’t be disappointed!


Get Rich, Lucky Bitch: Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First Class Life by Denise Duffield-Thomas

LuckybitchThis book by Denise Duffield-Thomas is all about changing your mindset around abundance and clearing out the emotional baggage that you have around money so that you can enjoy wealth and prosperity.  Denise has provided a guide for how to practically work through these stories and shift my thinking and my emotions about money and abundance.

Denise provides a simple 5 step plan that includes forgiveness, goal setting, identifying your self-sabotaging patterns, and incrementally upgrading your lifestyle and so many more practical steps.

I have always felt better when I am in penny-pinching mode. I get a high from couponing and thrift store shopping.  I have felt guilty from abundance in the past.  These beliefs (and others) have held me back in my career and in life and I am so thrilled that I have had the chance to address them through the work in this book.  Dealing with this baggage is going to lighten my load as I continue to grow in my business.

If you feel uncomfortable with money or want more prosperity in your life, this book is a game changer.


Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks

ask and it is givenThis was my first real excursion into the law of abundance. Esther and Jerry Hick’s share the teachings of Abraham, a nonphysical entity.  The teachings share 22 powerful exercises to help you manifest the life of your dreams.  The concept that made the biggest impression on me is that everything that we desire is ready and waiting to come to us but it is actually our own actions, thoughts and beliefs that block them. The exercises presented in the book teach you how to allow good feelings to flow so that everything else flows to you as well.

I used these concepts to manifest a shark’s tooth on the beach in Virginia this summer. Sounds crazy, right? I wouldn’t have believed it myself until I actually experienced it myself.  It is so much fun to use the law of attraction in your everyday life.

If you have been curious about “The Secret” or manifesting or the Law of Attraction, this book is a great place to start that exploration.  I know I am just at the tip of the iceberg on what I have learned so far and am so excited for all that is to come.



What is on my list for 2015?

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead by Brene Brown (Can’t believe I have not read this yet!)

Carry On, Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life by Glennon Doyle Melton (You might be familiar with her from Facebook- she is the amazing force behind Momastery!)

From Role to Soul: 15 Shifts on the Awakening Journey by Annie Burnsides (I loved her parenting book and can’t wait to read this one.)

Money: Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins (I am fascinated by financial books!)


How about you?

I want to hear about the books that shaped you in 2014 and what is on your list for 2015. Please share in the comments below!


*The above links are affiliate links. While I receive a small commission from their sale, I only recommend things that I personally love!*

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