What Two Fractures in Two Weeks Taught Me

The last few months have been interesting around here.

My daughter broke her upper arm bone cartwheeling in her bedroom and then two weeks later, my son fractured a bone in his lower leg. The same doctor treated them both and was like, “Do you guys drink milk?” I let his humor slide but I definitely was questioning what the heck was going on in my house.

Most people would chalk the two fractures up as kids being kids or bad luck. But me being me, I started to look a little deeper at the energetic system for the root cause.

I know these things don’t “just happen”.

My 7 year old daughter broke her arm after about three weeks of being very dramatic about how she didn’t feel “loved or appreciated by h616er
brothers or anyone else in the world”. She would come to me crying after she and her brother scuffled saying, “I just don’t feel loved by anyone.” I thought this was pretty dramatic (which would not be out of character) but put it in the “just a phase” basket. Until…

My 12 year old son broke his leg in PE class a few days after learning that we were moving and he was going to have to leave all of his good friends and life as he knew it.

As I pondered why this was happening and tried to juggle doctor appointments, rides to school and cotton balls to ease the pain, I sunk into a “woe is me-why are both my kids in casts-I should bubble wrap my middle son-maybe we should drink more milk and eat more kale” pity party.

I decided to look at the underlying energy imbalances that caused these fractures and it took me all of about 30 seconds to realize the specific chakras that were out of balance for each kiddo were where the fr667actures occurred.

My daughter had a heart chakra imbalance. She did not feel loved or appreciated by her brother and the world in general. My son had a root chakra imbalance. He had all of his routine and security and all that is comfortable and safe for him shaken up and announced that it would be taken from him.

The exact situations in their lives that were feeling so yucky for them corresponded to a specific chakra and when that chakra got out of balance, it manifested on the physical plane in fractured bones.

Is there anything I could have done to prevent the energy imbalances and prevent the fractures?

Probably not.

I did all of the regular good parenting stuff of helping them to look at the positive side, acknowledging feelings and doling out needed consequences to various siblings.

The lesson that I learned through this is that chakras can get temporarily imbalanced and that happens to all of us humans. It has happened to me and you and everyone sitting near you right now. We don’t make it through this life unscathed and without wounds. The gift of these wounds is that maybe we learn something about love and compassion and ourselves through all of these trials.

Temporary energy imbalances happen.

The bigger issue is that when an imbalance continues over longer amounts of time, months or years, the imbalance gets hardwired into the energy system and body. So if my daughter feels unappreciated and unloved for years, then that is going to create an imbalance in the heart chakra of a deeper nature. If my son never feels settled, safe or secure then his root chakra can become imbalanced and it will cause long term repercussions.

The important takeaway from the two broken bones in my house is to notice the ongoing energetic trend and the big picture of your energy centers. Are you always feeling unloved? Did you feel unsafe for your whole childhood? Has your power been taken from you? Is change scary? Do you have a bad relationship with your body?

Short term energetic blips happen to all of us. My mission here is to help you learn to identify when your energy is off and to show you ways to correct it before it becomes a long term pattern that affects your health, your relationships and the rest of your life.

The first step on the chakra journey is to identify the current state of YOUR chakras.

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