7 Words That Will Instantly Make You Feel More Comfortable In Any Situation

7 wordsWhen out in public, I used to feel intimidated by complete strangers and often created stories in my head of my own inferiority.  For these strangers, I created wonderful, amazing lives with passionate marriages, children that got along and racy sports cars.   This story telling and comparison war led to some negative self-talk and always began a downward spiral of yuck.

{If you cannot relate to anything in the first paragraph, I am so happy for you and you can stop reading this now. Go and enjoy your mentally stable, self-confident life!}

If any part of those first few sentences struck a cord with you, read on because I am going to share seven words that have transformed how I show up in the world and how I feel about all of those awful, superior people out there just waiting to tell me how great they are and how awful I am.

 “I wish you love, happiness and abundance.”

I started saying these seven words silently to each person that I encountered.  When I would greet them with these words, the negative feelings and stories were destroyed before they could even come up in my head.  I found that I did this for about three days and then I didn’t even notice any stories popping up in my head.

It is such a simple yet profound technique.  It costs nothing, no appointments are needed and no one ever has to know you are doing it. {Except me- I’d love to know if this helps you!}

This works because it strips the external persona and costume off of each person you say it to.  We all get reduced to being humans, regardless of income or race or age or dress, that all want the same thing: love, happiness and abundance. Finding that commonality between us, even just in passing as I silently greeted them, created a union that silenced my own inner critic.

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