Interview with Cheyenne Rowell, Celebration Specialist

I am so excited to bring you an interview with my good friend, Cheyenne Rowell, of Simply Party Box.  I asked Cheyenne if I could interview her because ritual is a large part of feeling grounded and connected in the root chakra.  Rituals help your children say “oh yes, I belong to that group that always does {fill in the blank} on the 4th of July or always celebrates birthdays by doing {fill in the blank}”.  Think back to your childhood and I am sure you can remember the traditions and rituals that defined your family and made you feel like all wasCheyenne right in the world because your family kept up certain traditions.  Rituals also give us something to look forward to, to anticipate the fun and good times that are going to be had.

Cheyenne is so filled with energy and life force and absolutely is the person I would go to for advice about creating a celebration. I have heard her speak about and have seen some of her parties and they are ahhhh-mazing! The fact that she has created a business doing what she loves and is so darn good at is awesome- she was meant for this! I am thrilled to introduce you Cheyenne Rowell from Simply Party Box.

What are some of your favorite parties to throw?

My favorite parties are the ones that are for celebrations out of the norm and ones that are new ideas. Something you can’t go to the store and put together but have to really work on to make the theme convey.

What rituals do you maintain in your family? How do you make them special?

We always have parties, it’s a perk of having your mom own a party biz, but my favorite ritual that I do is I set up the dinning room table the night before one of my kids’ birthdays so they wake up to a surprise in the morning. I never let them know what the theme will be but I pay attention all year to determine what they would really like. We also read Dr. Seuss’s Happy Birthday Book that night before bed.

gourdsWhich rituals and celebrations are important to you and your family?

We of course love birthdays but our favorite family celebrations are Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July. No gift giving just good food, friends and family together having a great time!

What is the most involved and/or craziest party you have ever thrown?

This is a hard one because I have a tendency to “go all out” …. I have thrown a block party for my entire neighborhood, over 500 people attended, so that is probably the largest party.
But the craziest might be any of the costume parties I have thrown because my whole family is involved, even my parents dress in costume! One year I threw a Rock Star themed party for my husband and everyone had to dress us as a musician. My hubby was Cameo, I was Bjork, my sister was Pat Benatar, my mom was Janis Joplin and my dad was the drummer from Kiss. We spent months putting our costumes together! It was great!

For the business, the most involved party box would be the Simply Doctor Who Party Box I did. It helped that I have Whovians (Dr. Who fans) as children. They helped me a lot with the details, and the details make the party!

balloonsWhat are the key ingredients to any celebration?

Friends, music, food and balloons! Of course you want to be around people you love and eat yummy food but music really sets the mood of the party. The same way the score in a movie does. And I love all party decorations but I always feel like balloons are the icing on the cake!

How would you advise someone to pick a party theme?

Picking a party theme can sometimes be a challenge but I always remind my customers that ANYTHING can become a party theme. Think about the guest of honors favorite colors, what do they do in their spare time, what is their style?
I always ask what colors you want, if the guest of honor is masculine or feminine and the reason for the party, usually we can brainstorm from there to come up with the perfect theme!

How can we bring more celebration and/or ritual into our everyday life, outside of big parties and celebrations?

Take time to celebrate little things. When I see that my kids are a little stressed with school or overwhelmed I try and do something to break the monotony. My favorite thing to do is surprise them with breakfast for dinner or sometimes-even sundaes for dinner! We have also had movie nights with just the family or set up our projector outside and invited friends over for movie night!
The most important thing I think we do as a family ritual is have family dinner together. Every evening, even if it’s microwaved corn dogs or something, we sit at the table and talk about our day. I also try and acknowledge my family when they make an achievement, finish a difficult task, or show compassion to others during dinner-time as well.

Best simple tip you have to share?

I often post tips on my Facebook page for parties but these are the two that have helped me the most. 1- eat a large breakfast, snack throughout the day and drink plenty of water the day of a party. That way you have the energy to set up the party and enjoy it too!
The second is time management. Do all your baking and cleaning the day before the party. Put up the decorations for your party before working on the food (your guests will feel like you are ready for the party if your decorations are up but you are still working in the kitchen) and stop what you are doing an hour before the party starts to get yourself ready. This will hopefully keep you from feeling to stressed and pressed for time!

What does your company do and how can readers get in touch with you and simplypartyboxlogocontinue to be inspired?

Simply Party Box, Inc. is everything you need to throw the perfect party, all delivered to your door in one box. Each box is custom made to fit your theme and colors. We only use quality products and each order includes a handmade item. Get the perfect party you have always dreamed of without the hassle of running around from store to store or spending hours setting everything up. We make party boxes for everything from Bridal and Baby Showers to 100th Birthdays!

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