The Week That Changed My Life

I got back on last Friday from a week long intensive with Anodea Judith and Selene Vega at Kripalu. Anodea has been the person that I have altar poclearned the most from regarding the chakras and I was so excited to even be in the same room as her, let alone learn directly from her for 7 days. And the experience did not disappoint.

After having so much intellectual knowledge about the chakras, I was finally able to experience them, feel them, get rocked by them. We traveled day by day up through the chakras, from the root to the crown. Each day started with Selene taking us into trance, a deeply hypnotic state where the subconscious was able to communicate directly with our conscious selves. This was the most powerful part of the day for me. Each chakra had something huge to teach me and the fact that it came from such a deep place of knowing was really transformational.

tarot cardWe worked with the physical asanas to feel and bring charge up into our body. Anodea and Selene explained that when there is not enough charge in the chakra, the energy becomes imbalanced in either an excessive or deficient manner. I had not used or been familiar with describing the energy as a “charge” but that simple shift in description has really made clear a lot about our subtle energy.

We also did small group exercises each day to help see where this chakra is influencing our life right now. Some of these I had done before while reading Anodea’s books but in this week of space dedicated to the untying of our energetic knots and surrounded by the nonjudgmental acceptance of my co-participants, I was able to go much deeper.

One thing that was so surprising to me was the inner child work we did and how transformative it was. It is such a powerful type of work because the wounds we carry with us as adults are usually results of wounds from childhood- be it from your parents, your environment, your schooling, your siblings, your extended family members, or society. And when we get wounded, a part of us halts developing at that point. To heal this part of you, you really have to work with the part of you that was hurt and nurture her and protect her and love her.

This workshop really made me take a look at my parenting from a long term view. How are my behaviors today going to affect my photo 3children as adults? What messages are my kids getting from me and the environment that I allow to exist in my home? And it shook some of my beliefs about the work that I do with parents and their kids’ chakras. The imbalance of the child’s chakras is coming from somewhere and often that is the parent themselves. As parents, we often live and parent from a place of our old wounds so I questioned whether working with the parents on their own stuff might be the most beneficial practice for the whole family? Are the most effective practices to focus on creating a framework for the behaviors or an environment in the home that is most conducive to balanced energy? I am not sure of the answer or if there even is an answer, but I know that this is fertile ground for future work.

There were over 30 participants in the week long workshop and everyone was open and raw and ready to let this be a life altering experience. I used to laugh when I taught chakra workshops because people new to the study of chakras would ask “What does it mean if I have a lot of chakras that are imbalanced?”. I would laugh not at them but at the fact that I could point out exactly how each chakra of mine was imbalanced and here I was teaching them about it. But what I came to realize last week was that everyone’s chakras are imbalanced. We don’t escape joy at kripaluthis life unscathed. Everyone is behaving from the place of their wounds. Some people are ready to heal those wounds and do the work and dive deep and accept that they are wounded. And I was blessed to be surrounded by amazing spirits all week who did just that- and they held space for me to be me, wounded, beautiful, raw, alive, messy, real.

And that is what I came away with professionally, is that hunger to hold space for you. For those of you that are ready to get real and raw and messy and dig into those deep places that are ready to heal. For those of you that are ready to shed those layers that are holding you back from this beautiful, messy life you are living.

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  1. I loved this post. Being a parent of 5 children, I have seen the last decade those points of hurt in my own upbringing raise their ugly head as I walk this daily parenting journey. Thanks for sharing.

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