On the Fourth of July, we talk a lot about freedom.

fourth of July

We thank the members of our Armed Forces who have fought and sacrificed to ensure our freedom as a nation.

We reflect on the freedom that we Americans have.

We celebrate living in the United States of America.

There are parades and cookouts and fireworks. There are sparklers and watermelon and red, white and blue cakes.

And I love it all.

But there is another freedom that is not often acknowledged. A personal, internal freedom that eludes so many of us.


from your fears
from caring about what others think of you
from your fear of failure
from your fear of success
from your fear of speaking up
from your fear of no one liking you
from your fear of everyone knowing who you are
from your fear of being wrong
from your fear of being different
from your fear of being uncomfortable
from your safe, everyday routine
from your fear of not having enough money
from your fear of having too much money
from your fear of rejection
from your fear of not being loved
from thinking you aren’t worthy or deserving
from feeling less than
from feeling better than
from judgment
from shame

How many of these fears are holding you hostage? Which are standing between you and your freedom?

Where is fear living in you?

Take two minutes here and close your eyes. Take a few breaths and choose one of your fears. Now bring your awareness into your body. Notice where in your body that fear lives. Where are you holding that fear in your body? Where do you feel restricted? Breathe into that space and ask it what it needs to release that fear.

Share your desire for freedom with the Universe

Ask to be guided towards freedom. To be shown how to release the fear. Ask to receive the words that will help you heal. Ask for the perfect healers to come into your life. Ask for the needed prayers to be whispered. Ask for just the right book to be shown to you.

Releasing that which binds you is brave, uncomfortable and an unchartered path for you. But there are people that have traveled this road before you. Visualize the teacher or guide that is just right for you coming into your life now.

You have begun the fight for your own freedom. If you truly desire freedom from your fears, speak it to God, to the Universe, to the stars. Make it the prayer of your heart, the words from your tongue and the actions of your day.

I wish you freedom.

To being held down by no thoughts, no stories, no made up crap from your own mind.

You are limitless, you are free!

marianne williamson

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