Chakra Affirmation Meditation

Last night I taught my workshop “Exploring Your Chakras” and I began it with a meditation to bring us all together and to bring awareness to each of the chakras.  At the end of the workshop, I was asked for a copy of the meditation, so I wrote it up today for you all.

Chakra Affirmation Meditation

Begin in a comfortable seated position.  Bring your upper body back a few inches so you feel a little more weight go into your sits bones. Notice the breath come in through the nose, hit the back of the throat and see where the torso moves as you inhale.  Then notice where the torso moves as you exhale, feel the air move back out through the nose.  Sit with your breath for a few minutes.

Bring your awareness to the base of the spine and see a glowing red ball of energy. As you inhale, lift the pelvic floor, drawing in earth energy.  As you exhale, relax the pelvic floor.  I am safe. I am worthy and deserving. I am provided for and supported in this life.  I am connected to my tribe.

Bring your awareness to the pelvic bowl, the space behind the pubic bone and in front of the sacrum. Place one hand on the pubic bone, one hand on the sacrum. See a glowing ball of orange energy.  I flow with life.  I embrace my sexuality.  I respect and acknowledge my emotions.  My life is full, fun and filled with passion.

Bring your hands, palms up, straight out from the navel.  See a glowing ball of yellow energy in a bulls eye around the navel. I have radiant energy. I stand in my power and own it. I take risks. I am ready to transform.

Bring your hands over your heart. See a glowing green ball of energy flowing from your heart out through the arms and hands. I love and accept myself completely. I give and receive love. I release the conditions I have put upon myself and others.

Bring your hands gently to rest on your throat. Feel turquoise energy shining out from the throat and neck.  I speak my truth.  I show up in the world and express myself.  How I live matches the truth of who I am. I can express myself in all situations.

Bring your finger tips to rest at the third eye.  See a glowing sapphire shining its light out. I trust my intuition.  I see myself and others with a soft perception.  I embrace my imagination. I have a guiding vision for my life.

Rest your fingertips on top of your head. See a glowing violet energy at the crown of your head. I connect with a higher power, source, spirit or God. I learn from the lessons that are continually presented to me. I am open to the teachers and guides that enter my life.

Notice if any chakra or color either spoke to you or was impossible to visualize or showed up much more brilliantly than the others. What is that telling you about the chakra?

**Beautiful Chakra Art by Robin Hallet**

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