My Words of the Year

Happy 2014!


I have given up making New Year’s resolutions and am even shying away from the popular yoga term “setting intentions” because for me that creates the same feeling of restriction as a resolution in my heart.

Instead, I choose a WORD of the YEAR.  (I first came across this from Christine Kane and you can download her free Word of the Year Discovery Kit here.)   Well, this year, I have chosen TWO words of the year: WILD and FEARLESS.  I didn’t think long and hard about them- they just came to me.  I was a little surprised by “WILD” but as I sat with it, I realized that my life right now is anything but wild.  I am a Mom of three, a part-time yoga teacher, a reluctant homemaker, who is approaching the big four-oh.  Life is good… and tame.


I declared my word of the year to my family and I got a few weird looks from my kids, a cross between “yeah, right, Mom doesn’t even know how to be wild”  and “oh, crap, I hope she isn’t wild in front of my friends”.

As I started to think about what a wild year would look like, I got scared.  I don’t think I even remember how to be wild.  And that is where Word of the Year #2 came in: FEARLESS.  I need to be fearless to be wild.


As I usually do at some point or another with most things in life, I tried to relate these words and feelings to my chakras.  For the last 6 months or so, I  have been in a huge state of contraction, of recoiling, of drawing inward and shedding.  I have turned the corner on trying to please so many people and have started to believe in my own intrinsic worth, rather than earning and proving it.  This time has been a deep grounding and balancing of my first chakra.  I feel at home here in this world, this body and am comfortable taking up my space.

As the first chakra comes more into balance, we are able to move up into focusing on the second chakra.  Fun, passion, emotions, desire, sensuality, sexuality are all aspects of the second chakra.  Embracing all of those aspects of myself seems pretty wild to me. Fearlessness is found in the third chakra.  Our ability to stand in our own power and to take risks are aspects of the third chakra. Living a wild life is scary and risky so owning my power is a requirement.

As I slide into 2014, I don’t exactly know what my two words of the year are going to look like day to day.  I am not planning to run off with the circus (though trapeze lessons may be in order).  My friends and family may not even notice any outward changes.  Subtle internal shifts may lead the way, I’m not sure.

But my words of the year are telling me one thing: I am no longer content to be fearful, to settle for good enough.  My days need to have more fun, more new experiences, adventure.  I need to see more places and try more things.  I am no longer going to just try to survive until bedtime.

live in the sunshine

Mae Chevrette:

If you have not made a Word of the Year yet or ever, I encourage you to try it.  I would LOVE to hear what your WORD of the YEAR is so please share them in the comments below.

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