For Yoga Teachers: Joy’s Guided Relaxation Script

Here is the guided relaxation script I use in my weekly classes, compiled from bits and pieces of many different teachers, books and experiences over the years and all mushed into one.  It seems to really help students go deeply into that place of relaxation during savasana.  Enjoy!!


Bring yourself down onto your back and let your feet flop open, shoulder blades tucked under you, palms open to the sky and chin tucked gently towards your chest to lengthen the back of your neck.

Bring your awareness to your feet and let your heels melt into the floor and feel the floor melt beneath your heels.  Relax your ankles and your calves.  See your kneecaps from underneath, visualizing ligaments and tendons, relaxing the undersides of your knees.  Let your thighbones fall heavily back towards your hamstrings and release your hips towards the earth.

Breathe into your lower back, your middle back, and your upper back.  Let your shoulders melt down towards your elbows, wrists, hands and fingers.  Feel your throat and neck melting like warm wax.  Let go of the tight spots underneath your tongue and behind your ears.  Let your brain fall back towards the earth as the back of your skull softens.

Relax the muscles around your mouth, around your nose, around your eyes.  Let your eyes fall back in their sockets, the space between your eyes widening and softening. And let your awareness rest at the center of your forehead, between your eyebrows, as your open to stillness, peace, clarity, love (choose whatever you like!).


Here is a video of this guided relaxation script:

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