Sacral Chakra Class Themes

This is a guide for yoga teachers that are searching for sacral chakra class themes to use in their yoga classes.  I have included both physical themes as well as energetic or psychological themes. Both could be combined, however, it is important to not overwhelm the student with too much theming or talking.  Make sure there is plenty of silence included in the class.

Physical themes:


Pigeon pose variation

Hip openers: Warrior 2, side angle stretch, humble warrior, triangle, pigeon, firelog pose, cow face pose, cobbler, squats, lotus

Peak poses- king pigeon, bird of paradise, lotus

Vinyasa flow style, less static and more dynamic movement

Sun Salutation variations

Moon salutation

Energetic themes:

Going with the flow vs rigidity

Change (teach a class with unusual variations)

Emotions- what are your patterns- over-expressive, not safe to express feelings

squat pose- twisting

Squat with a twist

Water- what is your water like? sweet, salty, warm, cold?

Your hips are the junk drawer of your body, what are you stuffing in them?

Sexuality- are you able to connect with the sacred in another?

What is waiting to be born from you?

Passion and desire: where and when do you feel it? How can you cultivate more? What saps your passion?

Sensuality: exploring the senses in each pose, listening, smelling, touching

Directing the breath and awareness into the pelvic bowl, “behind the pubic bone and in front of the sacrum”, visualizing glowing orange in that area


What other sacral chakra class themes have you used?  I would love to hear from you, so please share in the Comments secton below!

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